Located in Rizhao,a newly seaside city in Shandong province, is convenient of access with two big harbors: Rizhao Port and Lanshan Port, Tongsan and Ridong Express Ways running through her city.  

          Rizhao Yuxin Motivity Co, Ltd, is a collectived nongovernmental company constituent with four wholly owned or proprietary subsidiary companies. The predecessor of Yuxin, Shandong Yuhua Machinery Company, is a second-class state military enterprise, which underwent an integral stripped-down in 2004, and reformed to be a big machine processing company managing producing, processing andresearching integrally. This company has passed ISO9001 and now is a second-class state measure company, integrity-centered, credit-standing company of Shandong province, with self-supporting import-export property.

      The group mainly deals with four series(motorcycle, braiding machine cradle, rice huller and foreign trading machine processing), over 150 varieties of products. Pioneer motorcycle with the throughput of 100,000 is admitted product in The Products Catalogue of China Compulsory Certificate and has passed the authentication of CCC. The series of Yuhua pneumatically distended cradle has been assessed to be maker of Shandong products. Yuhua is able to manufacture three series (spinning frame pneumatically distended cradle, spinning frame spring pressurized cradle and flyer frame pneumatically distended cradle), more than 10 kinds, with the productivity of 3,000,000 set. Yuhua rice huller has formed to be lever, arched and hexagonal, over 30 varieties and the output is 5,000,000 parcels. Foreign trade machine for building sells to Europe and America the value of export yearly turning to be USD 5,000,000. Ri zhao Yuxin Motivity Co., Ltd aims to develop power products in future.

     With over 1,600 equipment for machine processing, punching, galvanizing, dip coating, heat treatment, welding, varnish baking, mold spraying and assembly line, possessed with advanced checking technique, adopting CAD/CAM system, Rizhao Yuxin Motivity Co., Ltd takes on abundant capability of autonomous research and development.

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